Hair Inspiration: Diane Kruger

These were hairstyles I LOVED when I had longer hair.  I love plaits and I discovered so many cool new ways to wear them.

I am going through the stages of growing out my pixie cut and it feels like it’s going to take forever for it to get to my shoulders, or even my chin.


Here are my favourite Diane Kruger plait hairstyles:


I love how the plaits start on both sides and meet at the side.  I used to plait starting closer to my part on both sides.  Since my hair is very fair, it tends to fall out of hairstyles very easily unless it is pinned or styled securely.


I watched a lot of youtube tutorials to figure out how to do different types of braids e.g. fishtail, reverse braid (known as the ‘Dutch Braid’- the plaits are plaited the reverse/opposite way), waterfall, french plait.  That is part of the reason why I miss having long hair.  I would literally spend hours in front of the mirror perfecting hairstyles.




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