Twiggy Style Makeup

I love beauty posts and I might be going a bit overboard with them, but I don’t care!  They are fun and the outcome is exciting.  I think next time I do one I might actually go out, instead of putting on makeup and then taking it off!

Today I have decided to do a Twiggy Inspired post.  She had the most awesome makeup.  I thought that it’d be easy…but I was wrong.  The eyelid bit was the easiest, but trying to do the lower lash line was the hardest.  It actually turned out quite a bit different, but hey – creative genius here 😀

I ended up just drawing a simple line for the lower lashes, instead of doing the spiky bits that she has!

IMG_3414 IMG_3420

I apologize for the creepy close shots of my eyes 😀  I looked terrible in all the photos I took, and instead of scaring you with them, I decided to crop my face out.  Result = creepy.

Anyways, there are some rather obvious differences between hers and mine.  Mine = I need to get my brows reshaped and I need to buy some more eyeshadow brushes.  The brush just fell apart, so I had to smudge with my finger 😥



1) Line the eye – I always line just above the crease so that the line is more obvious when your eye is open.

2) Line the upper lash line and flick at the end to create a little cat-eye flick.

3) Lower lash line – can just line it or do the spiky bits like Twiggy’s.

4) Eyeshadow of your choice.  I used gold, silver and blue – in a MAC set.

5) Mascara (if you have lighter lashes.  I don’t tend to wear mascara (well, I do wear clear mascara) because my lashes are dark enough already.

It’s best to use Liquid Liner for this look.  I used one by Maybelline.


I hope you like this!  I do 😀


Next up:  This weekend I will attempt this look (if I decide to go out…if not, I’ll just try this out for fun!:




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