The Classic: Cat-Eye Liner

Cat-Eye Liner is one of the trickiest makeup looks for me to perfect.  I always get one eye looking good and then the other eye always ends up lopsided.

I found that when I used liquid liner first, the flick would always end up weird.  So I now use pencil liner for an outline to trace over and then fill in with liquid liner.

I like how it accentuates my eyes.  I either fill in the eyelid with liner or I downplay it a bit so it is low-key and also easier to take off!

I am not the best at this look, but I improve every time I try it.

(BTW, I have a gross cold/flu at the moment and am wearing no makeup except for the eyeliner).

The Materials:

1) Eyelash curler (optional).

2) Pencil eyeliner (black).

3) Liquid eyeliner (black).


1) Curl your eyelashes to see where the flick at the side will be placed (this sounds confusing to me – but see where the last lash’s curl is at the end and this is your guide to see how the flick of pencil will be angled).  This step is optional!

2)  Lightly draw a pencil line from the middle of your lash line.  Keep following the shape of your eye until you reach the outside corner of your eye – draw a very light flick.

3) Follow the pencil line with your liquid eyeliner – be careful because liquid eyeliner can spread easily (but I find it easier to remove anyway!).  Go over the line.  Make it as thick or thin as you like.

You can go back to the inner corner of your eyelid afterwards and draw towards the middle of your lash line to go over the area not covered by eyeliner.

I am really sorry if this is completely confusing for you!!

IMG_3396I like to use either CK Liquid Eyeliner or Maybelline Line Definer Liquid Eyeliner.  I also us a Thin Lizzie Pencil Eyeline which comes with two colours – black and crown.  My Eyelash Curler is from the $2 shop 😀


This is the Cat-Eye look that has a thinner line from the middle of the lash line.  I have not coloured my whole eyelid.


This is the Cat-Eye look where the whole eyelid is coloured in.  To be honest, I can’t see much of a difference.  Except for the fact that my eyeliner went weird towards the inner corner of my eye 😀

Oh well, practise makes perfect.


Here are a few of my favourite Cat-Eye looks:

audrey hepburn

Audrey Hepburn

brigitte bardot

Brigitte Bardot

nina simone

Nini Simone

amy winehouse

Amy Winehouse

Ira de Furstenberg

Mary Quant

Who else but Twiggy?

Edie Sedgewick


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