Beginners Guide: How To Apply Lipstick

Lipstick is one of my favourite makeup products.

Recently I wrote a post about my favourite lipsticks called 5 Best Lipsticks That Stick.

I am going to do a brief post on how to apply lipstick (this is for beginners! So if you are really good at applying lipstick, don’t read this).  When I first started wearing lipstick, I thought ‘hey, this’ll be easy’.  Little did I know.  It wore off quickly, it smudged and it just didn’t look right.  So I came up with these steps to make my life easier:

1) Apply lip balm to soften your lips.

2) Optional: Use a lip liner of the same (or close to the same) shade as your lipstick.

3) Apply lipstick using either a brush or just straight from the stick. If you don’t use lip liner (I don’t), apply lipstick from the outside in.

I always apply it lining the lips first (with lipstick since I don’t use liner) and then when I fill my lips in I apply it in down strokes rather than going across.  My Tante (Aunt) always said to apply it that way because it fills in the crevices and also lasts longer.

See pics:

1)  I have lined the lips using lipstick (sorry, it’s a bit hard to see!)  IMG_3407

2) I have filled in the lips using down strokes rather than across.  I think I smudged my lipstick onto my skin a bit by accident.  It’s 10.30 at night and I am applying lipstick 😀 I’m allowed to make mistakes.



I used GOSH Velvet Touch.  No 136 Burgundy.

Good night


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