My Favourite Vintage Vogue Covers

To follow on with my ‘Favourite Fashion Images’, I have looked for my Favourite Vintage Vogue Covers.

There are so many to choose from and I printed up heaps of them to make a collage on my pinboard above my desk at home.  I love looking at the various fashions and how they changed drastically over the years.

For me it is amazing that fashion moved so quickly in the 20th Century.  At the beginning of the 20th Century, women wore long dresses and men wore suits every day.  Come the 80s and 90s, women and men could pretty much wear whatever they liked.

Image result for vintage vogue covers



I really wanted to put heaps up on here and I had to cut out a lot of my faves from the early 20th Century.  I like the ones from the early 20th Century because they are very ethereal looking.




2 thoughts on “My Favourite Vintage Vogue Covers

  1. I’ve always liked the July 1939 cover – the stripes & shades never seem to go out of style. The Dali covers have always been a curiosity to me – I’ve always felt that he could have done better. *heh* You can see them here.


    1. The Dali ones are really cool – interesting! Thanks for putting the link up! Yeah, the July 1939 one has always stood out for me – I think it is because it is kind of timeless in a way 🙂 Thanks for you comment!

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