My Favourite Beauty Products – Cleansers and Toners

I think that looking after your skin is one of the most important parts of a beauty regime!

I use a variety of different cleansers and toners to ensure that my skin stays clean.

I prefer products by Nivea and Olay.

Here is a list of my favourite cleansers and toners:

1)  Olay ‘Shine, Shine, Go Away’

This is a cleanser/scrub with a little battery operated brush.  It works on cleansing the skin really well.  My skin has been so good since I’ve started using this!


2) Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser.

This is another really good cleanser.  I got it from Smith and Caughey’s at the Kiehl’s counter.  I really recommend it!


3) Clean and Clear Toner.

I use this after using the cleansing wash or scrub.  Tones the skin well!



These last few products aren’t actually cleansers or toners, but are really good for keeping premature wrinkles at bay!

4) Garnier Roll-on.

There are many different types you can get.  For example, eye bags, dark circles, wrinkles etc.  It is also really soothing.  I put it on in the mornings if I am tired!


5) Wild Fern Eye Creme – Manuka Honey and Lanolin.

Relaxing eye cream that helps with wrinkles (not that I have any!).




I take these products with me whenever I travel.  They fit into my luggage so well, because they are small.



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