My Jewellery Wish List

Many years ago (around 2006) I fell in love with jewellery from Frey Wille.  The jewellery is distinctive and unique, the pieces are truly like art.  They also have scarves and they also have collections for men (cufflinks, leather belts etc).

Unfortunately I do not own anything from Frey Wille.  I only admire from afar on catalogues and online. They do not have shops in New Zealand and the only place that they have a shop in close proximity to Auckland is in Sydney and Melbourne.  It is so annoying because I was in Sydney and Melbourne a few years ago and I never realised they had Frey Wille shops there!


Here are a few of my favourite pieces that I have put on my wishlist (click the pictures to get to the website):

Hommage a Venice


Pendant Heart
Pendant Heart


Hommage a Hundertwasser


Earrings Mini-Creoles


Ring Etoile
Ring Etoile



There are so many beautiful pieces on here and I wish I could post all of them.

I just adore the colours and designs.

Another awesome part about the website is that is shows some different ways that you can wear scarves.  Worth checking out:


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