My Favourite Hair Tutorials

When I had long hair, I used to watch hair tutorials religiously.  I liked doing new hair styles with my hair.  My hair is very fine, so when I wore it down it just sort of hung there.  Now that I have a short pixie cut, I am desperately missing the different things I could do with my hair.  That is part of the reason why I am growing my hair out (the worst thing ever about pixie cuts is the growing out time.  At the moment I am sporting an almost-mullet. So cool).

I actually need some help with that.  Should I grow my hair out, or keep it short?  Bob length?

Anyway, back to the actual topic of this blog.  I am going to post some videos of my favourite youtube hair tutorials.

I mainly looked at Vintage/Retro hair tutorials, since that is wear most of my clothing inspo comes from!






This is a new one that I just found for short hair – inspiration for me!  I still have a way to go before my hair reaches chin length 😀




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