Milan Fashion Week: Erdem – Ready to Wear

Erdem is a new fashion line for me.  I had never heard of them until this evening when I was looking through photos of the fashion week in Milan.

The reason why I love the clothing from this show is because of the colour and structure of the clothes. They are tailored very nicely and are truly beautiful.  It looks like the designer has had retro/vintage inspiration (but I’m no expert :D).


I think that the clothes are divine and I wish my wardrobe could be full of these clothes.


Here are a few favourites:

Erdem ready-to-wear autumn/winter '15/'16  Erdem ready-to-wear autumn/winter '15/'16

I like how the above coat is very structured and then the wow factor kicks in with the bottom half being a different colour.  I want!

Erdem ready-to-wear autumn/winter '15/'16

This coat is just: WOW!!

Erdem ready-to-wear autumn/winter '15/'16

I don’t normally wear pink, but I’d totally wear this dress.  It is so pretty!

Erdem ready-to-wear autumn/winter '15/'16

Green is one of my favourite colour.  I can see this being perfect for Autumn.

Erdem ready-to-wear autumn/winter '15/'16

I like how this dress is midi length and is also has heaps of pretty colours.  The ruffled neck and front are cute and the long sleeves make it perfect for a cold Autumn or Winters day.

Erdem ready-to-wear autumn/winter '15/'16

Low neckline and hem = perfect combo to stay classy and sophisticated.


A few more favourites:

Erdem ready-to-wear autumn/winter '15/'16Erdem ready-to-wear autumn/winter '15/'16Erdem ready-to-wear autumn/winter '15/'16


It was really hard for me to narrow down my list of favourites from this show.  So, so, so beautiful.


P.S. These photos were taken from the Vogue website.  Click here to see the whole collection.


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