Top 5 Beauty Picks

I have never really done a ‘beauty/makeup’ blog post before.

These are my the top 5 beauty picks and products that I use everyday:

1) Olay Moisturiser with 15SPF.

This moisturiser is good because it isn’t too thick and it doesn’t make my skin look and feel greasy or oily. I put this on everyday before I apply any makeup.

2) Concealer:

I use an under-eye liquid concealer.  I always blend it in with a makeup brush.  Makeup brushes are less likely to cause wrinkles.

MAC concealer


3) Concealer stick:

I use this on any blemishes.  Normally I choose a lighter coloured one because the darker ones are too tan for my skin colour.

4) Pressed Covergirl powder.

I brush this on over my concealor.  It is only a very light colour as I don’t want the ‘mask’ or ‘pancake’ look.  I don’t usually brush it over my whole face, because I don’t like wearing too much makeup.

5) Clear mascara:

I have very long eyelashes, so whenever I put mascara on (especially in the morning, which is when I am in a rush) my eyelashes leave little black smudges on my eyelids.  Even the waterproof one!  So, I decided to use clear mascara.  I actually use clear mascara for my eyebrows too, because it helps keep them in place!

I don’t wear that much makeup because it makes my skin feel greasy.  I have a very basic makeup regime.  I only lay on the makeup when I go out!

P.S. These photos don’t belong to me…I just looked for the products online to save time, instead of photographing them!


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