Red Door Perfume Review – Elizabeth Arden

I am a big lover of perfume.  I believe that a girl can never have enough perfume.

Elizabeth Arden Red Door Perfume Review

The Red Door perfume by Elizabeth Arden was one of my very first perfumes.  It was the first perfume that I wanted and I was so excited to receive it for my 18th Birthday (I think it was my 18th, it could have been my 16th! – time is beginning to blur :D).  I still have it as I only use it for special occasions.


Red Door is a beautiful perfume. It isn’t too strong and it isn’t too weak. It is the perfect combination of scents.

I love this perfume because it is long lasting.  That means it is perfect for a night out, a dinner party or a date.

The Elizabeth Arden site says:

Fragrance Mood: Glamorous. Elegant. Sophisticated. A melange of rich, rare florals, Red Door is Elizabeth Arden’s classic signature fragrance. This elegant rich floral bouquet celebrates the glamour and luxury of the iconic Red Door.

The scent is made up of:

Top Notes: Lily of the Valley, Freesia, Wild Violets Middle Notes: Red Rose, Moroccan Orange Flower, Jasmine, Ylang Base Notes: Oakmoss, Sandalwood, Honey.
Red Door Perfume Review
Red Door Perfume Review

Click here to find the perfume to purchase.

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Update 7/10/2015:

I have recently found out that they have changed the formula of this perfume – looking at the reviews a lot of people are complaining the the new scent is not as nice.  I will have to check it out and see what the differences are.  I hope it isn’t as bad as those people are saying!


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