How to get that 70s fashion style look

Everywhere I look lately, I see a 70s fashion style look.  Catwalks, fashion photos (from Fashion Weeks), dresses in shops.  I thought it’d be a good idea to have a look at the clothing that was popular in the 70s.

We all know that bell bottoms (or extreme flares) were very popular for both men and women in the 70s.  My dad actually owned a denim flared suit (and by flared, I mean really flared) – he claims he only wore it once, because he felt like an egg (idiot, weirdo) wearing one.  My mum managed to convince him to try it on once, just after they got married in the mid 80s.  She then told him to go outside (with it on) and then locked him out.  Apparently he was really embarrassed and was running round the house trying to get in… 😀

My dad said his denim suit was even MORE flared than this one!
These men are having a very important discussion – probably talking about how cool they look in their flared pants.
Nice, strong poses.
These handsome men are trying out their strong man poses while simultaneously working on their blue steel.

My dad also said that stubbies were REALLY cool.  For those of you who don’t know, Stubbies are really, really short shorts for men (tight short shorts).

The above photos are actually from the L&P ad.  Couldn’t find any from that time. Click the 2nd picture to see the ad.

My dad also said that when he started his Apprenticeship (for building), there was a man who would always come to work in stubbies and a really, really, really tight singlet.

Men in the 70s didn’t always dress like this:

David Bowie

Or like this:

Bay City Rollers

Men enjoyed wearing button up tops that showed off their masculine chest hair.  Medallions were really cool as well.  Many men sported sideburns of epic proportions and many had amazing moustaches.

Flared pants were popular for woman too, however according to my research pants did decrease in flare size (in other words they became tighter and not so flared).

Around 1975-79

Hot pants were pretty cool too:

Image result for pants, 70s

Skirts became longer and many women were angry that their prized and loved miniskirts from the 60s were not trending anymore.

Peasant dresses were really popular too.


I love the black jumpsuit above.

Women didn’t really wear clothes like these.

Only if they were these people:

But even ABBA didn’t dress like that all the time:

But I always did like the cat dresses:

I think that it is amazing that so much change happened in 1 decade.  The 70s really liberated women in terms of what was seen as socially acceptable clothing.  Before the 70s, women didn’t really wear pants/trousers in public.  I know that in the 50s pedal pushers were popular and that in the 60s capri pants were popular, but women in the 70s probably found it was more comfortable (socially) for them to wear pants.  The prints in this decade were pretty amazing too.  So many different types, so many different styles.  It would have been an amazing decade to live in.

Hair was pretty changeable too.  But that is for another post!

Check out my 70s on a Budget post to see what you can get, or inspiration for the 70s.  Warning: no ABBA style clothes on there unfortunately 😉


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