Miley Cyrus Fashion Fails and Wins

Miley Cyrus has had some great fashion moments (eg her boyfriend jeans, hair cut). She is able to make even the most ‘rebellious’ outfits chic with heels and accessories.  However, she has had some fashion fails over the past few years, especially after she stopped being Hannah Montana.

This is mainly about the hair. It is so spiked.

Some of these outfits aren’t too bad.  But I think some of them just need a little bit more fabric.

Her fashion ‘wins’ have been great though.  She does have an awesome sense of style and really shows that she doesn’t care what anyone thinks!  I think I’d be a little to shy and self conscious to go out in some of her outfits (especially the outfits above).  So, back to her fashion wins:

I like how she has kept red as her main colour in this.  Red lippy, cute jumper and striped skirt.  She hasn’t tried to include too many different colours.

Like the other photo, she hasn’t tried to introduce too many different colours.  I like her jacket and shoes.  She really rocks the crop top too!

I’m surprised that I actually like the above outfit.  I’m not too sure about the buns though.

I really like the above outfit, so I have had a look around online and have come up with a cheaper version of Miley’s outfit.

This outfit will be posted on my next blog post here.

So there you have it.  Remember this is only my opinion.  Like I said before, some of the ‘fails’ have elements that could work if they were paired with something else!

“Everybody is different. Everybody has different styles. Just do it the best way you know how.”

– Vince Carter

P.S. I don’t own any of these photos.


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