London Fashion Week 2015 Street Style

A lot of people go all out for their Fashion Week Street Style.  I wouldn’t know.  Fashion Week isn’t really a big thing in Auckland, NZ.  Sure, we have Fashion Week but it is pretty small and not very well advertised (I never find out about it until it’s too late – this year I will keep an eye out to make sure I get tickets in time!).

I love seeing what people wear during Fashion Week.  Some outfits are outrageous, some are simple awesome.  But the best thing is, everyone is showing their own personal fashion sense/style.

I saw some street style photos from London Fashion Week on this website.

I love the bold print and the fluffy jacket.  It’s a really interesting mix.

These next photos I got from the Vogue website showing more street style at London Fashion Week.

Alexa Chung
Pixie Lott

Click here to see my Pixie Lott inspired outfit.

I can see that the longer style coats are in at the moment.  I need to get one (preferably a camel/light browny-beige coloured one).

P.S.  I don’t own any of these photos.


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