Dog Fashion Statements

Dogs in dresses, dogs in shoes, dogs in tiaras, dogs in hats.  Why did people start dressing up their dogs?  What is the purpose of it?  Is it to make a statement – who can dress their dog in the most outrageous costume?  Who can fit their dog into their bag?

I am guilty of dressing up the dog (and cat at times – when she was little she used to fit dolls clothes), but for good reasons.  When it rains the dog has a little pink raincoat with a fluffy hood.  My mum knitted her a jumper for when it is cold (but it is too big unfortunately).  We also got her a little dog scarf in San Francisco.  We also had a seat belt for her for in the car, but she always managed to escape from it!

When I decided to write this blog post, I kind of knew what to expect.  I knew some outfits for dogs are outrageous.

Then I found Dogue (Dog version of Vogue…).

such-fashion-very-doge_o_2520941 Wow+such+fashion+is+there+a+doge+channel_1132e2_4846301

Next I found an awesome workout singlet:


Soon enough, I decided to actually look for info regarding dressing up dogs.

What I found out was pretty interesting.  According to scientists, people give human attributes to non-human things because it gives them more control over their environment.  It also helps them feel more connected with non-human beings (like dogs, cats, horses).  How many of us can say that they have dyed their dog’s fur blue?  How many can say that they have dressed their cat up in doll clothes?  How many can say that they have decorated a horses tail or mane with plaits, flowers and little decorations?  I can say “I have” to two of those (the cat and the horse).


doggy darthandleia DogWear07

Interestingly enough, I learnt that there is such a thing as ‘New York Pet Fashion Show’.

Click on the link below to go to their page to watch their ad:


Not only do people dress their dogs up, they also dye their fur.  Aren’t the chemicals in dye dangerous for dogs and animals?  Or is there a special dye to use for dogs?

In saying all of this, I can understand why people dress their dogs in little jackets and raincoats, especially if they are skinny, have not much fur or are tiny, and prone to getting cold in winter weather.

I leave one last question:

Do you think it is kind to dress dogs up into mini-human outfits?

Or is it unkind?


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