My Typical Sunday

On Sundays I like to either relax or visit friends/family.

This Sunday, after a night of internet shopping on (seriously should try to sleep before 2am tonight), I woke up early (unfortunately) and had a healthy (not so) breakfast of:

Vanilla Latte, Chocomel (this is a treat, I only buy it every so often because it is quite expensive here) and a Stroopwafel.


After brekkie I went to my sister’s house with my mum, dad and the dog.  We went there to go for a walk to Devonport to have lunch:



Above: My Beautiful sister and I and a view of the Harbour Bridge from the walkway – it was raining over that way, but we were lucky not to get rained on!


I had a yummy bagel for lunch with Jam and Cream Cheese.  I only got a photo of my Coke though 😦

One the way back we walked a different way.  We went along the road towards Narrow Neck Beach and stopped there for a bit:

beach walk beach walk

Lots of people out on boats…you can see why Auckland is called the City of Sails.

Paradise for me 🙂

We got back to my sister’s house and I realised I forgot to put sunblock on my feet.  My feet have got an even worse sandal/jandal tan now 😥

sun tan

I had a great day.  It was super hot though.

Today I wore:

Vintage 1950s Wrangler jean shorts

Vintage blouse tied at the front

Shoes: not in this photo – but they were iPanema sandals by Giselle Bundchen

Hat and Sunnies from a Market in Melbourne.


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