Fashion Through the Great War.

Fashion changed a lot throughout the 20th Century.

I believe that WW1 had a lot to do with the changes in fashion and the changed viewpoints towards what women could wear.

A question that comes to mind is:

If the wars hadn’t happened, would we still be walking round in long skirts or would we slowly be progressing towards the fashion of today?

I have made a time line of sorts:


Clothing still had a Edwardian influence.  Skirts were still at the ankle and were quite narrow.  Tops were lacy.

I think the dresses below are from 1914:



The skirts were getting a little shorter and very full, like a bell shape.  This was called a ‘war crinoline’.

This look would keep being popular throughout most of the war years.  However, it was seen as not only immodest, but also wasteful during a time when cloth should be spared.




Skirts were narrower again and the hemlines were dropping.
By 1919, the look was slowly moving towards the typical 20s look, however the waist was not yet moving towards the hips.

1919 day dresses

I really think that the clothing from this time is beautiful.  Especially the layering and the tunic look of 1914.  The skirts look gorgeous and even though I say I could easily wear these clothes, I don’t think I could wear them every day! I like the freedom of wearing whatever I like.


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