6 Important Things To Take To The Beach

Everybody has beach days (well, most people anyway).  If I have a beach day I bring these things with me:


Sunblock/Sunscreen.  Sunblock is one of the most important things to take with you to the beach (if you are spending all day there – if you are just going for a quick dip, it isn’t so important).  It can be guaranteed that you will get a sunburn if you spend the day at the beach.  Even if you are trying to get the perfect golden tan, it is still important to put on sunblock…no sunblock = skin cancer – sorry to burst your bubble 😀


Sunnies.  There’s nothing worse than being at the beach all day and realising that you should really have brought your sunnies with you.


A hat.  Protect your lovely skin with a hat – who wants a sunglass tan (I don’t – I got one of those once and it took months to fade…).


A towel.  Who wants to get burnt by the hot sand anyway?


Jandals.  These are very important.  Good to wear before and after a swim.  Only tricky bit is getting to the water – sand hop anyone?  The sand gets so hot here that feet are often burnt actually getting to the water.


Food and water.  Ok, so technically these are 2 things in one, but they do go together.  Sustenance and water ward of those terrible headaches you can get when sitting out in the sun all day.  Ward off dehydration with drinking plenty of water.


Beach umbrella for extra shade.

It’s quite funny, some people get really set up at the beach.  They bring tents, umbrellas, small cookers/fryers…

This is what Auckland is in for for the rest of the week (these temps are all in celsius).  Looks like my plans involve the beach or hiding inside next to a fan:



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