Making A Circle Skirt From Scratch.

This blog post is dedicated to Annika Victoria of The Pineneedle Collective.


Click the above picture to go to her blog.

circle skirt

Click on the above picture to go to her youtube tutorial.

Her youtube tutorial helped me to make a circle skirt.


-Stretchy material (essential, as this circle skirt is made WITHOUT a zip or button).

-Paper for drafting/drawing your pattern onto.

-Pins and tape measure.

-Sewing machine.

-Tailor’s Chalk (optional – I didn’t use it).

About this tutorial:

This skirt is so easy to make.

As I do a lot of sewing already, I was able to make this in half an hour.

I was surprised at how easy it was to make the pattern.  I have always used patterns and this was the first time that I made my own.

This is the finished product:

Circle skirt

I’m so happy to have something to wear with my new, red crop top (it’s from Smoove of course…it ties at the back instead of the front!).


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