The Reason Why I Love Vintage

This blog post is detailing the reasons why I love vintage, or modern clothes with a vintage twist.

I started to love vintage clothes when I was a teenager.  My mum has this big book of Vogue that she got in the 70s and it has pictures, covers, articles etc all dating back to the early 20s.

I was captivated by the exquisite clothing, the style and history.  I went through my decade stages.  My first love was the 20s.  I thought Clara Bow had the best haircut in history, I thought that the flapper dresses were amazing (which they are…and I want one!) and the shoes from that era were even better! I never really bought anything Vintage at that stage.

My next stage was the 60s.  I made dresses from 60s patterns (Mod style), one of which you can see in an earlier post.

When I was at High School, I decided that I wanted a ball gown like the one Audrey Hepburn wears at the beginning of Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  Audrey Hepburn has been, and always will be, a great inspiration for me throughout the years.

Next stop:  the Fifties.  This is still ongoing.  I find it difficult to choose between the slim silhouette of the 40s or the amazing circle skirts and crops of the 40s.

Nowadays I try to incorporate each decade into my outfits.  One day I might wear a 50s inspired outfit, the next I might wear 60s.

I haven’t quite got to the 70s yet.  Maybe one day.  Whenever I look at photos of my Mum during that time, I get really jealous of her cool clothes!

I’m undecided as to whether I will attempt to wear 80s clothes.

I love the idea of wearing something that is possibly the only item like that left in the world (or New Zealand).  It is so rare nowadays to have something completely different to everybody else.


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