I am determined that this year will be more adventurous, outrageous (possibly) and so much more fun than 2014.


New job, new start.  Hopefully less stress and more time for me.

One resolution is to:


Yes, that needed to be in caps. I love traveling, I have the travel bug. Wanderlust.  Even if it’s just round NZ or going to Aussie or Singapore. I don’t care.  I would love to go overseas and shop and sightsee etc.

Another resolution is to:

Make more clothes.

Having a mortgage really makes me double and triple think my purchases.  Especially with clothing.  I want to make more clothes using patterns from the 1940s-1970s.   I recently bought a pattern from 1946 and I am determined to make that these holidays…once I finish my 1950s dress and circle skirt…

My 3rd resolution is to:

Eat Healthily.

I have a very unhealthy addiction to potato chips.  I can eat a giant bag by myself.

I am trying to tell myself that if I don’t buy junk food, I will be able to buy more clothes, travel more and pay more off my mortgage.

My 4th resolution is to:

Try kickboxing.

Honestly, I’d probably end up kicking myself in the face somehow since I am a klutz, but it’s fun to try new things.

My 5th resolution is to:

Post on a range of topics, rather than just fashion.

To be entirely truthful, I don’t think that No 4 is going to happen…but I’ll try 😀


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