Happy New Years

I hope everyone has a fantabulous New Years!  I stayed up till 12am and saw/heard fire works and lots of ‘yahoo’s’ from the neighbours.  I didn’t party this year because I didn’t really feel like it (shocking!).

My sister, her boyfriend and my mum and dad came up to my house for a picnic.  It was hot but we didn’t go for a swim.  My sister was kind of scared because a Great White Shark had been spotted in the Waitemata ( even though that is in a completely different place to Stanmore Bay).

I paddled in the water but didn’t swim.  I wanted to get back to the shade because it was just too hot to be in the sun for much longer.

I managed to get one photo before we hopped over the hot sand (burnt my poor feet in the process).

I’m wearing a sarong dress, togs and holding my trusty pair of jandels.  You can’t see me very well because the sun was in the wrong place!

I love summer – means time with family, time in the sun/swimming, bbq-ing and fun!

Stanmore Bay

My favourite tree: Pohutukawa

sun and trees

You know it’s summer when you can’t get a parking spot in front of your house, because every man and his dog has decided to go to the beach!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Years.


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