Merry Christmas (a few days late)

I have spent the last few days relaxing, eating and spending time with the family.

I ran out of time to update my blog, so I’ll just post what I wore on Christmas Day.

I hope you all had a fab day.  There is always such a huge build up to Christmas and then Christmas Day just goes so quickly.

On Boxing Day, I went with a friend to the City.  We shopped and were astounded by the amount of people actually in the city! Lots of tourists and people looking for bargains.

A couple of the shops we went into, we decided to skip trying clothes on because the line to the changing room was too long and then the line to actually buy the items was almost of the shop!

I went to Smoove (best shop in the Universe) and bought a dress and a vintage crop tie top thing.  They got a new range of skirts and tops in, so I’m going to take my cousin there (she loves vintage almost as much as me!).

Here’s my outfit for Christmas Day:

Christmas outfit

Dress from Smoove

Belt: Karen Walker

Shoes: No 1 Shoes


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