Summer and Christmas

I love having Christmas during summer time.

The benefits of the summer Christmas are:

1) Swimming

2) Sun

3) Surf

4) Bbq’s

5) 4 weeks off (as a teacher…other professions don’t get as long!).

6) Being able to spend the day outside (as long as it isn’t raining!).

7) Being able to eat loads of Pavlova (traditional Kiwi dessert – Meringue, cream and kiwifruit and strawberries.  Australians say that Pav is theirs, but it is a Kiwi dessert (potential argument starter here)).

I have had Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere before.  It was nice, but it didn’t feel right.  I’m not saying a cold Christmas is wrong, I’m just so used to having a hot Christmas.

I love the smell of Christmas – the pine trees, the flowers, sunblock (yes, it reminds me of summer), salt water and bbqs.

On another note:

My sister had her birthday party today (lucky thing always has her bday in the holidays).  I ate so much.  I went for a beach walk afterwards to walk off the food.

Boring, I know, but here’s my beach walk outfit:

summer fashion

And my dog was so exhausted because it’s so hot.  Poor thing snoozed on the beanbag all day.

pipi the dog


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