60s Mod – Twiggy Style

For me, 1960s Mod casts the image of mini skirts/dresses and Twiggy.

The Mod ‘sub culture’ first started in London, England.  The youths of the 60s were the first generation (in a long time) to have money to spend on looking cool, hip and modern.  They wanted to be more sexy.

Females dressed in a more androgynous way and a lot started to sport pixie or bob cuts.  Supermodels like Twiggy popularised the typical look for this time.

As it usually is, the ‘look’ or the fashion of the 60s, really gained movement because of the people who wore it.  Edie Sedgwick, Goldie Hawn, Jean Shrimpton, Peggy Moffitt.  The list goes on and on.

The sixties really started the movement towards the modern fashion we have today.  Even today, the 60s style can’t be missed!


The clothes were bold, the skirts were short and the prints were swirly, bright, geometric and just plain amazing.  Minimal is not a word to describe Mod.

Mary Quant not only popularised the miniskirt, she also popularised hot pants and the baby doll style.  Mary Quant was also known for her short hair cut, designed by Vidal Sassoon.

mary Quant and Vidal Sassoon

Before I started reading about Mod fashion, I only knew about mini-skirts and dresses.


I never knew about the ‘space-age’ style by Pierre Cardin.

Pierre Cardin



I’m curious as to how Edie Sedgwick managed to hold that pose!  Looks tricky!

Here’s my sixties style:

ootd 1960s

Dress:  Made by me! (Vintage Burda pattern).

Shoes: Mimi


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