No Shampoo – Does it work?

When I have been browsing google (or ‘the google’ as my Oma calls it) for writing inspiration, I have seen that a lot of people are writing articles or opinions about ‘no shampoo’.

At first I was like ‘gross!’  How can people not wash their hair?

Then I decided to do a little bit more research into it.  It turns out ‘no shampoo’ doesn’t mean that you don’t wash your hair.  It simply means that you use organic or natural ways to wash your hair.   Plus, it means you don’t need to wash your hair everyday.

I decided to try it today, and surprisingly the results have been good.

It actually cleaned my hair, which I am very grateful for. Normally my hair goes yuck the second day, so I end up washing my hair everyday.  And washing hair every day is not good, as the chemicals strip your hair of the goodness!

I do actually use organic shampoo, but I decided to see how ‘no shampoo’ goes.

All you need is baking soda, water and vinegar (in a seperate bottle).  Mix the baking soda and water together (about 2 tblspns baking soda and about 4 tblspns of water.   Next I put the vinegar into a separate bottle – 1 tblspn of vinegar and 3-4 tblspns of water.

After that you wet your hair and wash with the baking soda mixture.  Rinse that out and then squirt on the vinegar mixture.  then you wash out the vinegar.  .

I wonder if my hair will still be clean tomorrow.

Anyway, it’s a beautiful sunny, hot day today.  I went to Pukekohe this morning.


Pukekohe Pukekohe IMG_2467

It’s funny how quickly we can drive into farm land here.  30 mins from the city and you’re in the middle of nowhere (pretty much).

I love my home.  Proud JAFA!

Quote of the day:


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