Eyebrows – Facial Feature Favourite

A concise (not so) history of an important facial feature.  If we didn’t have eyebrows, we’d look very odd.

You would not believe the amount of eyebrowless celebs when I googled ‘no eyebrows’.

Let’s start with the 20s.  The classic brow shape of that time was Clara Bow. As a silent movie actress she needed eyebrows that would help her to convey emotion.  Her eyebrows were very thin (most likely drawn on) and downward sloping.

clara bow

In the 1930s, women started wearing their eyebrows more highly arched.  They were still thin but were not the straight lines that they used to be.  A woman who I believe had the most beautiful brows of the time was Joan Crawford.

joan crawford

In the 1940s, the eyebrows became softer and fuller. They were still highly arched but weren’t as thin.  They were more natural.  Veronica Lake had a pair of awesome eyebrows.  As did Lauren Bacall – here’s were thicker than most for this time.


The 1950s – one of my favourite eras (birth of Rock and Roll and awesome dresses).  Audrey Hepburn, one of the greatest people of all time, rocked the fuller, more natural brow.  A way to get this more natural, full brow is to colour in spaces with an eyebrow pencil.

audrey hepburn eyebrows

The Sixties.

Two distinct looks – Twiggy and Sophia Loren.

Look at the pictures, I’ll let you be the judge…(hint: Sophia Loren most likely shaved her eyebrows and penciled them back in – I read this somewhere).

twiggysophia loren

The 70s and 80s.

70s were thin and the 80s were thicker…


The 90s:

Pluck, pluck, pluck…away they went.

The Noughties:

Julia Roberts sported thicker brows…but many still plucked away.

julia roberts


Personally, I pluck my eyebrows, but only if there are any stray hairs growing far down by my eyelids.  I prefer to keep them thicker because it suits my face.  I used to pluck them a lot and now I look at old photos and think that they looked really bad.  I kept them long towards the outside corner of my eye, but they were too thin.  The final straw was when I let my sister pluck them once and they ended up really short.  I looked really odd.  After that, I decided I’d let them grow back out.

When I do pluck out the stray hairs, I draw a line with eyeliner to show the desired shape of my brows and then pluck under the line.  I never pluck in the actual eyebrow.


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