For years I have felt the need and want to travel.  I have itchy feet and restless legs.  I allow myself one overseas holiday a year. However, the time in between trips is terrible because I just want to leave and travel the world without having to worry about work and mortgage repayments.  I am so glad I am in a job where I have holidays every ten weeks.  The only problem is the pay.  I am finding it so hard to actually save anything, because each time I make a repayment, my bank account just bounces back to basically nothing.

The only way I can keep sane is by googling pictures of awesome places to travel to.

I am trying to save really hard and trying to find countries that are cheap to visit.

I know England isn’t really all that cheap, but my mum would really like me to visit there because that is where my Opa’s family is from.  I would love to go to England, but I also would love to backpack round Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

I will be travelling for four weeks.

So stuck!!!!

Where would you choose?



Or here:

Dubrovnik, Croatia
Dubrovnik, Croatia

I honestly am so indecisive.

Reminder: I travel on a very strict budget…



2 thoughts on “Wanderlust

  1. I am DYING a to visit England! I have done a few European countries but never England! I think I may do England, Ireland and Scotland this summer!

    But! I have heard wonderful things about Croatia! Don’t you wish traveling was free??!


    1. I think I have decided on England! I have enough time to go to Ireland and Scotland too, if I take a bit of extra time off work 😀

      It’s always so hard to chose, because there are heaps of awesome countries to visit!

      I do wish traveling was free! Would be amazing!! 😀


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