I am writing this as I sit outside in the beautiful sunlight! There is literally not a cloud in the sky, no wind and just the sound of some waves at the beach.  I love this weather.  I have a habit of checking out the weather each week to see what is coming up.  Unfortunately it looks like rain next week.  Lately we tend to be having great weather on the weekend and then during the week it is a bit rainy.

Can’t complain though.

Yesterday I wore:


Not so summery, but it was windy, cold and rainy yesterday! Talk about 4 seasons in 2 days!

The dress is from the most awesome shop ever (I always walk out with something, so my mum has banned me from the shop). The shop name is ‘Smoove’.  They repurpose vintage dresses to make them a little more modern.  I have 4 dresses from them and 1 blouse and a crop tie top.

Shoes: combat style boots from Number One Shoe Warehouse

Tights: fishnet-ish from Smith and Caughey (I think, or Farmers..I can’t remember).

Merino Cardi from Glassons

Leather jacket from Glassons

Bag: Beijing market find.

I’m gonna sign out and enjoy the rest of the sunny weather while I can and get rid of my winter white legs (probably won’t happen as the only part of my body that ever tans are my feet)!

My other plan is to eat ice blocks and go for a beach walk.

We have a long weekend here today (Labour Weekend), so no work on Monday. 😀

Bring on SUMMERTIME! (one month and counting) 😀


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