Style Crush: Ginger Rogers

I love watching Ginger and Fred movies.  When I am sad, happy, annoyed, angry or just bored, I know I can always count on Fred and Ginger movies to brighten up my day.  I love the dancing and the clothes. Granted, the story lines are a bit cringe worthy at times.  However, as soon as a dance number comes on I feel like getting up and dancing along.

Have a closer look at the collar:

The above dress is a typical late 30s early 40s look.  This movie, Swing Time, was released 1936.  The sleeves, the bust line, the gathered waist (not to sure how to explain it) and the ‘swinging’ pleated-style skirt are all pretty reminiscent of the 30s/40s.

I love her ‘feather dress’.  She designed it herself (with the help of Bernard Newman), however she ran into trouble when they had a rehearsal and the feathers started floating off!  She was told that she would have to wear a dress that she had previously worn in another movie.  Ginger was not impressed!  She said that if she didn’t get to wear it, she would walk out of the movie.

Thank goodness they allowed her to wear it.  It really is an amazing dress and it suits the dance ‘Cheek to Cheek’ because of the flowing feathers and bias cut satin (at least, I think it is bias cut – it looks like it is!).

I have to say that ‘Cheek to Cheek’ is one of my favourite movie moments ever.  I wish I could find a guy to dance like that with me, even though my dance skills are pretty much non-existent.

Ginger was an excellent tennis player.

I wish I could look this good when I play tennis (not that I ever do!):

The next picture is her official Paramount portrait.  I love her shawl/scarf/veil and how it matches her dress.

I read somewhere that she ended up designing her own line for J.C. Penney and was a fashion consultant for them from 1972-75.  It would be great to see some pictures of the clothing she designed, but I haven’t been able to find any.

My outfit is inspired by Ginger Rogers (with a modern twist):


Shorts: Glassons

Tshirt: Jayjays

Shoes: London Rebel (on asos)

Bag: vintage savemart find

Sunnies: Paddington Market, Melbourne.

Photo location: My house (being renovated).

P.S.  Please, please, please comment! Criticism is accepted (but only if it is CONSTRUCTIVE!!)


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