How To Remake A Vintage Velvet Skirt

On Sunday I decided that I would finally cut off the vintage velvet maxi I bought a year ago.

It was an amazing Maxi skirt, but it looked like an evening ‘gown’ skirt.  I wanted to wear it every day.

I decided to cut it off to a 1930s/40s length.

Step 1:

-put on and marked with pins where I wanted to cut it off.

Vintage Skirt

Step 2:

-measured length to pins with a measuring tape. Made sure it was the same length at the front, sides and back.IMG_2246

Step 3:

-chop off (a little lower than intended).

Step 4:

-Prepare needles and thread (my sewing machine is still out of action, so I had to hand sew it around the hem).

Step 5:

-fold up hem and pin.  I always measure it again to double check that the length is the same on all sides.IMG_2247

Step 6:

-try on

Step 7:

-sew up the hem.

Step 8:


I don’t know if I like it.  I might make it a little shorter.

And what I wore today:


Top: Asos

Jeans: Asos

Shoes: vintage ‘lucy’ shoes

Cardi: Warehouse


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