Every end is a new beginning

So, I got a new job!  I’m so excited.  I’m still going to be teaching, and my new job doesn’t start until January next year, but I can’t wait!

Of course I am going to miss all my colleagues at my current school, but I need a change and I think that moving to a new school is going to provide more opportunities for me to further my career.  It is in a lower socio-economic area and I hope that this will mean more focus on helping the kids and providing a good education for them, rather than having a big focus on paperwork and national standards.

Another reason why I want a change is because my current school doesn’t feel like it’s for me.  Like I said, I have lovely friends at school and I will miss them so much, especially my Teacher Aide.  But, my new school has only 10 teachers, instead of 21!


On another note:

I met a teaching friend this evening after work.  It was so nice to have a gossip and chat about anything and everything.

I wasn’t sure about my outfit today.  I don’t think the pants fit quite right anymore, since I have (for some weird reason) lost weight (not that I need to, I think it is from stress).

OOTD 90s style
OOTD 90s style

Not a very good quality photo, sorry.

Pants: Asos

Top: H&M

Cardi: Glassons

Shoes: VIntage

Here ya go.  I hope to have a style story up tomorrow.

Cheers xD


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