The Life And Fashion Of Marlene Dietrich

I love doing these style stories and trying to think of different outfits that I modernise (so they are a mix of Vintage and Modern).

I think Fallin’ in Love Again is one of my favourite songs at the moment.

I have admired Marlene Dietrich’s voice for years.  When I was at school I took German for 7 years.  I had to do a speech on a famous German person, so I chose Marlene Dietrich.

Check out her biography here:

I went through a stage of liking her eyebrows – but then I realised that she pretty much plucked out her brows and drew them on.  I was not prepared to do that!

Not only was she an amazing singer, but she was also a great actor.

Her song ‘Lili Marleen’ was one of the songs I instrumentalised for my music class in Year 12.

Marlene Dietrich opposed the Nazis and sang ‘Lili Marleen’ to the allied soldiers.

Marlene pretty much stayed at the top of the fame line for about 30 years.  She wore elaborate, gorgeous costumes and was a Femme Fatale in most of her movies. She was one of the first stars to wear trousers off set.  Unheard of for women at that time.

Marlene Dietrich Modeling Famous Dress marlene-dietrich-train-travel

Quote of the day:

Think twice before burdening a friend with a secret – Marlene Dietrich

I still haven’t had time to try to find a Lauren Bacall style outfit in my wardrobe yet.

I have a 1950s pencil skirt sitting in my wardrobe, so maybe I could use that.


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