Style Inspiration – Lace

I love lace.  It is feminine, it is classy and it can instantly dress up an outfit.  I always see it as a sort of vintagy look.  Most of my clothes are vintage, or vintage inspired.  I do like to buy new clothes, but I love to buy vintage.  The reason why?  I think I like to imagine the stories of those who wore the clothes before me.  For example, I just bought a pair of shorts from the 1950s on ebay.  They are gorgeous and in great condition – almost unworn – and it made me think: ‘who wore these before, what was their story?’.

Anyway, back to what I’m supposed to be writing about.


Copenhagen Fashion Week. Stasia.
Copenhagen Fashion Week. Stasia.

Lace is definitely a staple of my wardrobe.  It is also a staple of my camphor wood chest (where I store all my things for when I move into my house – currently being renovated).  When I was in Belgium, I bought lace tablecloths, napkins and place settings.  I was told before I left NZ that I need to buy lace there – and since I love lace (sounding a little obsessive now), I thought that it was a great idea to get some.  Mum was sad when I came home, because I didn’t think to get her a lace tablecloth.

Click on the picture of the flapper (in a lace dress :D) to see a brief history of lace:

The history of lace: A woman modelling a typically twenties style grey silk and lace dress, 1924

To be completely honest, I looked at the pictures first of all and ‘oohed and aahed’ over the clothes, then I read the notes.  You must have to be incredibly skilled to be able to add the intricate details to the lace.  The amount of concentration must be spectacular!

Now onto what I wore today (yes, it includes lace):

I went out to another cafe today with my parents.  We went to this little place called ‘Krafty Knitwits’.  They do high tea there that is absoloutely delicious.  The awesome thing about this place is the fact that it is actually a knitting shop.

Here’s what I wore today and some photos from the cafe:




I am wearing:

Leather jacket from Glassons.

Skirt from Portmans.

Same boots as yesterday – love ’em.

And a lace 3 quarter sleeve top from Glassons.

The stockings are old woolen ones – got them years ago.

I saw this inspirational quote today.  It really made me think about how people express who they are through fashion.

“Fashion is life and just like life, you must always express your feelings freely”  –  Adama Amanda Ndiaye

Have a happy day 🙂

PS please comment and let me know your thoughts, feelings etc and any constructive criticism is always welcomed 🙂


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