Balmain – B for Brilliant!

I love the cut of the clothes by Balmain this year.   Some of the fabrics are questionable (quilted?) though.

I like how it’s feminine but almost edgy in a way.

This is definitely something I would wear if I had the money.

I don’t know if I’d wear that big, chunky necklace, but the trousers are pretty cool.  I like how they accentuate the waist.  And the shoes – gold caps.  Instant LOVE!

This one too:

The flirty, fun skirt is awesome and the boots…and the top.  I can’t tell from the picture, but is the top batwing?

Pretty much the whole outfit is awesome.

Again, if I could afford Balmain, I’d buy the whole outfit.

I promise I will put an outfit of the day up tomorrow.  I’m on holidays at the moment (best part about being a teacher ;D) and have been relaxing at home in the sun in my comfy clothes (aka slob clothes – who knew I owned slob clothes LOL).

x Lucille


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