Spring is here, the weather is not

It is getting warmer, however it feels like we have had a whole seasons worth of rain in the last 2 weeks.   We didn’t have much rain this winter and now the weather man must be making up for the lack of rain!

I have started planning my spring/summer outfits (what a sad life) and just wish I could wear them, but I am currently stuck in part winter part summer clothes.

I managed to go out Op-shopping today and bought some black second hand wedge shoes.  Love em.  Perfect for spring (and summer when it finally arrives).

I have always liked vintage clothes.  True vintage – not just clothes that are a few seasons old.  They fit me better than clothes made now.  It’s always hard to find clothes that fit me properly!

The dress I’m wearing is retro styled – so not true vintage – but fits perfectly, the cardi is also retro styled and the shoes are second hand.

I tend to make a lot of my own vintage clothes using vintage patterns, because it’s so expensive to buy true vintage clothes in NZ!

 The only reason why I posted the second photo, is because it made me crackup when I saw it. I’m falling over, because balancing on one leg in high heels is tricky for me – I’m actually holding the wall to stop me from moving…and it kind of looks like my knee is balancing on my dogs nose.  Honestly, I can not take a photo without her in it…she follows me everywhere. Love her to bits.


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