Second blog post in one day.  I know, I’m on a roll!

I went to the Netherlands to visit my family there earlier this year.  I love Amsterdam and my cousins showed me around.  They know I love vintage, so they took me to an op shop (thrift store, second hand).  BEST PLACE EVER.

Travel is another passion of mine.  I pretty much want to leave my job and travel, but sadly I have a mortgage to pay and I can’t go to work overseas for another year.

When I was in Holland, my family looked after me, they refused to let me pay for anything, even though I tried to.  I have family in Amsterdam, Veere, Rotterdam and Hengelo.  My Oma moved to New Zealand in the mid-1950s, to stay with my great Uncle, and was originally going to stay in NZ for a year.  She was actually saving up to go back home, but then she met my Opa at a dance – so romantic.  Thank god (literally) she met him, otherwise I probably wouldn’t exist LOL.

My cousin is an amazing photographer and took photos of me all around Amsterdam (unfortunately he didn’t travel with me. Elsewhere around Holland I had to settle for selfies and asking others to take photos of me).

Here’s the opshop:

vintage shopping

A shoe shop (Wanted to live in this shoe shop, but I had to leave 😥 )

shoe shop

A canal cruise:

Travelling on a budget in Amsterdam
Amsterdam Canal Boat

And my favourite:

Travelling on a budget in Amsterdam
Amsterdam Canal Boat

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