Today I’m Wearing

I really love the ‘Today I’m Wearing’ part of vogue.  One thing I am insanely jealous of are the clothes that they have.  

Last week I celebrated my birthday. As usual I had to take a few selfies to show my outfit and hairstyle.

I bought some finger wave clips. I have been obsessed with 1920s style fashion since I was a teenager.


I bought the dress from Smoove, on High Street in Auckland City.  I love that shop, it is expensive but worth every dollar spent!  They buy vintage clothes and rework them.



Shoes are Steve Madden and the brooch is vintage (from my Great-great Grandmother).

I realise I haven’t updated this page in a long time (work is my main excuse – 3 meetings a week, each lasting 2 hours long – by the time I get out of them, all I feel like doing is eating dinner and going to sleep).


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