My Life Without Facebook

So, earlier this year I was thinking about how much I wanted to deactivate facebook.  I was getting sick of listening to other people complaints. I went on facebook only to check notifications and, until yesterday, I didn’t update my status in 3-4 months. 

I didn’t completely delete facebook.  As there are some groups on there that I need to check every once in a while. Mainly for my teaching career (believe it or not).  

I want to see if I can last for 4 months without facebook.  Maybe I will learn who my real friends are.  Seriously, a good amount of those ‘friends’ were people from high school who I hated or disliked. 

I am feeling free already! I no longer have the pressure to answer peoples comments. 

The only ‘social network’ I have now is this one.  And I am happy to have a little more time to dedicate to this blog. 


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