Yellow Submarine!







I bought a new pair of shoes today. You would not believe how long I’d been looking for a pair of white high heels.  I found these at another of my Save Mart shopping sprees.  Actually, not so much a shopping spree, but more of a hunt.  I love ’em.  Sling back, bright white colour. Never been worn (hardly) and no marks on them! So proud of them.  So, to celebrate I went home and got an outfit ready to go with them.

Another of my loves is the Beatles.  I was so happy to find this tshirt at the Warehouse for only $4.  Normally they are so expensive…

The jeans I bought second hand – Glassons brand, high waisted and I turn them up at the cuffs because they are a little bit too long.  


Comfy and styley outfit for work I think!



I hope everyone has a happy, safe weekend.  I can feel the winter chills setting in. Very sad that summer has ended.


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