Flowers and Lace

I have two posts today. One is my outfit from yesterday, half which I bought in Wellington and the other half is from overseas (Sydney and London). 

I had a more relaxed day yesterday. So I chose my new black pants from Wellington. They were such a good find. One pair left in my size 😀 And they were on sale too! I love them because they finish just above the ankles and are almost Audrey Hepburn like. 

I found the bag at a little independent shop on Willis St in Wellington. The shop is called Achara Style.  



I love the tshirt because it has lace on it. Which you can’t really see in this picture.


This is my new bag from Wellington. I love it and it is well worth the 40 bucks I spend on it 😀

BTW, I take the photos in my sister’s room, since she has the only decent full mirror in her room.  So that’s why there’s all these random things hanging off her wardrobe door.




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