Fashion Dilemma

Today was one of those days where I just didn’t know what to wear.  I had two outfits. One I wasn’t sure about and the other I had worn before. 

First option was the one I wasn’t sure about. It involves sparkly ‘nike’ shoes I got made when I was in Vietnam, a peplum top, skater skirt (knit) and stockings.


Extreme selfie, I know…but I have no one to take photos of me 😦


The other outfit was:

Same skater skirt as above, stockings, lace up boots and black t with a black cardi. Lots of black.



Another selfie…:D 

Awesome boots. I love them, I bought them at Save Mart – this huge second hand shop/warehouse. The place smells bad, but you can get some really cool stuff there when you take a good look around.

I also have a love for this really cheap ring I bought at the local $2 shop. It’s a peacock.



Please, please comment with your ideas/suggestions or what outfit you would chose! It would mean a lot to me 😀

I am going to Wellington for 3 days, so I won’t be able to update daily. I am planning my next post – my ‘Shopping Endeavours in Wellington’.  I am planning an afternoon in Cuba Street, which is a pedestrian shopping area in the more ‘bohemian’ area of Wellington!

I may also do a posting on the History of Eyebrows. Just to be different 😀


6 thoughts on “Fashion Dilemma

  1. Just found your site and it looks like mine, so I thought I would follow you. I just started this blogging thing…so fun. Check me out too!


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