Why I’ve Been Quiet On Here Recently

I always used to blog.  I’d make sure I blogged twice a week.  But recently I’ve been quite quiet on here.   Moving to London and coming back to the UK from being home for a while has made me do a lot of re-evaluating (to be honest I am always re-evaluating) about my life and where I am going career wise.

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A Day Out In London

I arrived in London on Monday afternoon and went straight to the hostel to sleep.

I’m surprised at how hard it found it to leave NZ this time.   The first time I left I was really excited and maybe a tiny bit homesick. This time I just didn’t want to go.  Maybe because I had a cold that last week in NZ.

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OOTD: Mustard Yellow Miniskirt

This week I have been wearing a mustard yellow miniskirt.  I decided to wear it because I have packed everything and have nothing to wear.

I like this miniskirt because of the colour.  I haven’t seen many of this colour around and it is perfect for the winter months.

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